Media Release: Red Carpet Award Digital Identity – DI-ID

For the best entries to develop a hack to explore digital identity. Examine how current forms of identification could be securely amalgamated in a way that builds public trust and prevents fraud.




Digital ID (AUS) from Sydney for their project Digital Identifiers (AUS).
High Flyers from Sunshine Coast for their project The Health Craft.
Chooks from Adelaide for their project Chooks.


SUHO from Canberra for their project LandChain :: The Building Passport.

Entry description

Using “blockchains”, the Building Passport project intends to record contracts between various parties involved in a build. And, in addition to this, perhaps even make it possible to consolidate any relevant data amongst authorised parties, by adding pointers to that data. Think of a passport – all the metaphorical places your construction has gone will be recorded, with the precise details being held by the relevant agencies.