Queensland shines at GovHack 2017

Media Release 8-Sep-2017

Queensland hackers were well represented among the over three thousand participants in GovHack this year.

State Director Jason Weigel said “The combination of technical and creative skills combined with a desire to improve society through applications of open data made this year’s winners particularly outstanding”.

A few of the State winners include:

Court Me

Navigating the legal system can be a complex, time consuming and confusing process. Court Me aims to simplify this by offering a web form based system for finding out about what legal services are available for a users situation or dispute.

This entry turned the Queensland courts website into a flowchart that illustrates the avenues within the Queensland Legal system. From the flowchart, a form based assistant that quickly guides the user to the appropriate page on the court’s web site.


Helping small/medium size business owners make smarter business decisions by providing relevant location-based market insights, such as demographics, geographics, competitors and potential customers.

The team interviewed a local small business in Nundah, Queensland, to find out what information they need to select a successful location to open up a second ice cream store.

A beautiful web application was developed that leveraged open data about transport, schools and crime to guide the small business user.


Designed to assist expectant Mothers to choose a facility to birth at based on birth choices, outcomes and facilities available. The app would also allow for women to “rate” their experience at a particular Hospital / Birth Centre / Midwifery Practice using a “star rating” system, thus giving other users of the app an idea of other consumer’s experiences.

Leveraging Perinatal statistics and Queensland public hospital data the App lets the user make informed choices about where to birth their baby.

A few other winners

Wonderful entries include “SciSearch” a web application that guides students to specialised higher education and attracts both international academics and businesses to easily find facilities and equipment in Queensland education centres; “The Social Ceiling” which explores housing stress on the Sunshine Coast, predict how this might look in 10 years, providing insights and potential solutions; “Freedom Fighter” which allows Brisbane residents to plan your journey and we weigh out our options to see whether public transport or your car is a better means of transport. It takes in consideration distance, time, traffic, events that could impact travel time, cost of fuel and car maintenance and which option least affects the environment.

Thanks to our Sponsors

GovHack Queensland would not be possible without our fantastic state sponsors including premier sponsor: Queensland Government, Gold Sponsor: Brisbane City, and Bronze sponsors University of Queensland, Uber and NuGrow.

All state winners will be available at: https://govhack.org/competition/state-awards-winners/

Contact Peter Marks media@govhack.org for more information.