Media Release: Red Carpet Award “Why does it always rain on me?”

For the best hack to explore how sensors across cities could impact on how ‘local’ weather could be reported.


Bureau of Meteorology


The Diverse Dumplings from Gold Coast for their project TransApp
Random Matters from Perth for their project WindBuddy
Flotech from Adelaide for their project NoFlowGo
One Big Mess from Ballarat, for their project Melbournians’ Pace

Almost Human from Canberra for their project Air Solution


Casey Re-routers from southeast Victoria for their project Flow AI


With live Vic Roads traffic data and BOM forecasts and live weather sensors allows probabilistic recognition of potential traffic hot spots due to weather events and other weather related emergency incidents, during peak and non-peak road usage periods. This real time ongoing analysis traffic flows and predicted weather events can be utilised to make real-time proactive decisions on traffic routing.