Media Release: Red Carpet Award Plausible Futures

For the best entries to create plausible futures for Australia in 2030. Exploring as many options as possible and explaining assumptions about the trajectory of events and forces at play. Asking if existing data sets present a realistic view of the present, and the extent to which they can be relied upon as a baseline for the study of the future environment.


Australian Taxation Office.


Atomic from Parramatta for their project Atomic.

Unicorn Farm from Darwin, for their project Dreamcatcher.
Suburboutlook from Adelaide for their project Suburb Outlook 2030.


RoboThreat.TECH from Sydney for their project Threat of Automation.

Entry description

Automation and Artificial Intelligence have been making headlines for quite some time now and a number of world-famous entrepreneurs have shared their dystopian visions of the future where the robots are ruling the Earth. However, we are facing more urgent issues than the extinction of humans. So what could change our lives significantly in the next 20-25 years? To answer this question, we looked specifically at the future of workers in Australia. We used the data from ABS and the government reports to look at current trends in employment and what we could expect in the near future.

We performed an analysis of open data provided by various government agencies to quantify the precise impact automation will have to various occupations and industries. We showed that the computerization will impact not just low skill manufacturing jobs but also on high skill jobs such as accounting, legal and even technical jobs.