Media Release: Red Carpet Award Numbers Hack

The best entries that are related to FinTech (financial technology), maths or simply numbers in general.


Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australian Tax Office.


KnowEyeDeer from Mount Gambier for their project Budget Canvas.
Mighty Selachimorphin’ Power Rangers from Perth, for their project
BizKit from Adelaide for their project BizKit.


High Flyers from Sunshine Coast for their project The Health Craft.

Entry description

This project aims to deliver healthcare outcomes for those unable or incapable of travel to receive health care, e.g. in-home patients with no access to suitable public transport, irregular or expensive personal transportation options, or medical unsuitability to move beyond the home.
Data used will predict the suitability of trial sites for recipients based on number of patients that receive in-home care, number of residents that don’t/can’t operate a motor vehicle, live outside of suitable public transport routes, and regularly require delivery of in home care and healthcare products.