Media Release: Red Carpet Award Going Places

For the best entries to identify a hack to enable the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development to factor in population change and technology to plan sustainable cities and regions for the next 30 years.


Dept of Infrastructure, and Regional Development.


{“Beast Mode” : true}; from Gold Coast for their project Emergency Department Load Forecasting.
Fee and the Lads from Brisbane, for their project Rack City.
The Diverse Dumplings from Gold Coast, for their project TransApp.
Datacake from Sydney for their project


The Red Team from Canberra for their project Where Should I live.

Entry description

‘Where Should I Live?’, speeds up the research and decision-making process. It pulls together a broad range of data, takes into account the strength of your preferences, and produces a heat map which matches what you’re looking for.
In addition, it can be used as an analytical tool for non-residents, such as real estate agencies, small businesses, and government agencies trying to make local policy decisions.